October 04, 2018

Enrol your kids in a delightful KAPLA-SCIENCE day during the Spring holidays organised by 


When? Friday 5th of October - From 8.30 to 3.30 pm

Where? Totem Hall - SOUTH COOGEE

Who? 5-11 years old

How much? $85 per kid ($80 per sibling)

Limited places available -

Spring YOGA-KAPLA holiday Workshop!

October 05, 2017



Looking for a GREAT activity during the school holidays?

What about TWO?  

The Happy Builder team and Young Yoga are happy to welcome your kids ALL DAY for a stunning


Build, play and move your body! ヽ(´ー`)ノ 

When? Friday 6th October - From 9 to 3 pm

Where? Totem Hall, South Coogee 

Who? 5-14 years old

How much? $75 per kid ($70 per sibling)

Building for a play

May 14, 2017

Last week, Happy Builder was invited to build a stage set for Dram'in French Theatre company.

The Rehearsal is one of the French dramatist Jean Anouilh's most critically acclaimed and popular play.

We built for the occasion, several KAPLA pieces to fit the Castle atmosphere of the play with a "crazy touch". 

Do we have to say that we loved it? ヽ(´ー`)ノ 

Easter KAPLA-YOGA Wokshop!

April 19, 2017

Enroll your kids in a delightful KAPLA-YOGA day during the Easter holidays organised by 

HAPPY BUILDER with the great addition of YOUNG YOGA!

Create, laugh and relax…. ヽ(´ー`)ノ 

When? Thursday 20th of April - From 9 to 3 pm

Where? Coogee Eastward Senior Hall (97R Brook Street Coogee NSW 2034)

Who? 5-14 years old

How much? $75 per kid ($70 per sibling)

Limited places available -

Madame Kapla is now Happy Builder!

January 17, 2017

We had these wants which became needs...

We wanted to offer you more than a just a toy but a full experience!

We wanted to meet you in real life, sharing our love of building fantastic structures, defying gravity! Juggling with colours, composing these little elements into pieces of art.

That's why we transformed our online shop madamekapla.com.au into happybuilder.com.au. Not just an online shop but a range of workshops for big and small!

We grew up with Kapla blocks and we know the fantastic potential of these little wooden planks. 

They can help building your little ones confidence, enhance their manual dexterity and their sense of balance. All this while playing and having great fun! 

Trust us! We have seen the past 4 years in Australian schools and preschools so much pride in little eyes and so many smiles on those faces... What a gift!

We now want to offer everyone the opportunity to put their hands on this "magic plank".

They are good for us! 

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