Holiday fun

Happy Builder fun holiday programs are specifically designed for large group and suitable for all different age and skill levels.

Our workshops are designed to keep the children highly engaged in their task, improve their self-confidence, reach their goals and have fun!


Educational workshops

What's happening during Happy Builder incursions ?

Our KAPLA facilitator will come to your school with thousands of wooden blocks and provide a stimulating and fun 60 minutes to 90 minutes building session.

The children will be guided all the way to complete creations suitable to their age and ability. The creations will then be joined together to create one large final “ Work of Art ”.

At the end of the workshop the children will help dismantle their constructions and tidy away the blocks.

Apart from fostering self-expression and being great fun, the Happy Builder workshop encourages learning the fundamental concepts of geometry and physics. At the same time, children are introduced to the realm of shapes and volumes and the world of sculptural art.


During our workshops, students develop their team building skills by working towards the common goal of building a giant structure together.


  • HAPPY BUILDER workshops can cater for a large group and are tailored to suits age difference within the group.

  • Just give us the number of kids and their age range and we will tailor a program that will match your needs!


  • We work with teachers and fully tailor our program to suit children needs, age level and curriculum requirements.

  • Each session is competitively priced per student.
  • We arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the incursion to set up.

  •  The session runs for 60 to 90 minutes including pack up (around 10 minutes)

  • We will take pictures and send them to you but don't forget to bring your camera! 

  • Giant workshops can be organised in a school hall or large gymnasium and can accommodate up to 4 classes a day.

    Skills and concepts
  • Balance and gravity

  • Creativity and self-expression

  • Eye-Hand coordination

  • Introduction to 2D vs 3D

  • Problem solving

  • Cooperation and teamwork

  • Fun!


"The Happy Builder workshop was truly amazing! The students were talking about it afterwards with great fondness."

— Bill Conway -Principal

Montessori East —