Happy Builder "Pop up playground" program is the perfect entertainment for festivals and public events.
We can fully tailor our program to suit your needs, age level and requirements.
Why Happy Builder's "Pop UP Playground" is perfect for festivals and public events?

'Just imagine your event transformed into an experimental playground where curious minds of all ages are invited to play KAPLA!'

  • Engaging with all age and skill levels

Due to the progressive nature of KAPLA blocks, HAPPY BUILDER "POP UP playground" can suit any age group. It is the perfect hands on activity for kids and adults!

  • Highly interactive and fun

Perfect for maker space and  family events! Kids and adults will start building straight away after some basic guidance and will be working towards a common goal: building one giant structure together!

  • Suitable for large groups

Just give us the number of participants and age range and we will tailor a program that will match your needs.

  • Large choice of theme

Roman ancient city, large exotic animals, futuristic cities, any theme is possible!

Our KAPLA facilitators will build some inspiring model and participants will be guided all the way to complete amazing creations!

  • Can be performed indoor our outdoor*
* subject to some specific floor conditions and clement weather