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We offer a wide array of topics, each designed to suit specific levels and to complement the official Australian curriculum.

All workshops can be fully tailored to suit your needs, age-level and curriculum requirements. They can cater for a single class to a full school. Just give us the number of students and their age range, we will tailor a program that will match your needs!

For some inspiration you'll find below our most popular subjects. Hover over the squares to view the most requested topics within each subject.

Allows students to investigate and to learn about the ancient past (Mediterranean world: Egypt, Greece or Rome), the Asian world and other cultures. 


Medieval Times

 Medieval Castle (K-Y6) 

 Watch Towers (Y2-6) 

 Palaces (Y4-12) 

 Chinese Forbidden City (K-8) 

 Fortifications & Battlements (Y2-6) 

Build a City

 City Centres & Skyscrapers (K-Y5) 

 Village & Suburbs (K-Y2) 

 Bridge (K-Y12) 

 Wharf & Jetties (Y2-6) 

 Infinity Tower (Y3-12) 

 Watch Towers / Lighthouse (Y3-12) 


Legacy of
Ancient Times

 Roman Aqueduct (Y4-12) 

 Roman Public Bath (Y2-7) 

 Roman Triumphal Arch (Y4-12) 

 Pantheon / Dome (Y4-12) 

 Leaning Tower of Pisa (Y3-12) 

 Ancient Pyramids (K-Y2) 


Giant Animals

 Giraffes (Y3-10) 

 Elephants (Y4-9) 

 Caterpillars (K-Y6) 

 Horse / Camel (Y2-6) 

 Octopus (K-Y6) 

 Turtles (K-Y6) 

 Sea Dragon (K-Y6) 

 Crocodiles (K-Y3) 

 Whales (Y2-6) 



 Eiffel Tower (Y2-12) 

 Aqueduct (Y4-12) 

 Babel Tower (Y4-8) 

 London Bridge (Y3-8) 

 Chinese Forbidden City (K-Y8) 

 Taj Mahal (Y4-12) 

 Famous Skyscrapers (Y4-12) 

Copy of File-2-6-17,-13-00-07.jpg


 Pacific Islands Shelters (Y4-12) 

 American Indian Totems (Y2-6) 

 Traditional Village (K-Y6) 

 Crocodile & Billabong (K-Y3) 

High School copy.jpg

Working on

 Eiffel Tower (Y2-12) 

 Mandala (Y2-6) 

 Forbidden City (K to Y8) 

 Taj Mahal (Y4-12) 

 Pentagon (Y7-12) 

 Shaping the ideal symmetrical city (Y4-12) 



      — Y5 & above —     

       Building as a team       

   a monumental structure   

      using KAPLA planks     

         and team spirit !         

Custom Topics

   Let us know if there is a specific       subject you would like to work on,        we will happily accommodate!    




HAPPY BUILDER workshops:

 Infinity tower 

 Eiffel tower 

 Leaning tower of Pisa 

 Building a dome 

 Giant animals 

 Babel Tower 

Allows students to investigate position, movement, direction and shape while developing associated language.


Provides opportunities to explore shape, space, measures, fractions, symmetry, multiplication, divisions and angles. 

Measure and compare lengths using uniform informal units.  



HAPPY BUILDER workshops:

 Shelter building 

 Bridge building 

 Skyscrapers vs. low-based buildings 

Engages students in the process of investigations – provides opportunities for students to investigate how forces can affect the movement of objects, work on 2D or 3D models, understanding basic concepts on structure and sound building.

TOGETHER 15-3-18, 16 07 33 (1).jpg

Social & Emotional Learning

HAPPY BUILDER workshops:

 All Topics 

Social & Emotional Learning offers the opportunity to learn and practice social skills such as cooperation, conflict management​, building strong relationships, resilience and acknowledging / managing feelings.


Humanities &
Social Sciences

HAPPY BUILDER workshops:  Aqueduct 

 Roman baths,  Antic cities 

 Egyptian or Indian Pyramids 


 Leaning tower of Pisa 

 The Forbidden City 

 Great Wall of China 

 Taj Mahal

 American-Indian totems

Allows students to investigate and to learn about the ancient past (Mediterranean world: Egypt, Greece or Rome), the Asian world and other cultures. 


Art, Design & Technologies

HAPPY BUILDER workshops:

 Building Palaces

 Designing a skyscraper 

 Designing a bridge 

 Roman & Greek architecture 

Provides opportunities for students to select and manipulate a variety of visual elements in imaginative ways.


Allows students to make judgement about their own work and other people's work. 


Allows students to design their own structure with one set of material, working on patterns and understanding aestheticism in nature and in architecture.



HAPPY BUILDER workshops:

 All Topics 

Provides opportunities for students to develop communication skills and self-expression. 


Encourages students to be effective communicators, able to articulate their own opinions and beliefs and to interact and collaborate with others.

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