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Each KAPLA block is ingeniously designed in such proportions that only gravity is required for stability. Recommended For Kids 3 – 103 Years Old !


Made of 100% untreated wood. Designed in France by Tom van der Bruggen.


KAPLA Eiffel Tower

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  • The KAPLA Eiffel Tower: a guided construction for "big kids" (10+ and adults).


    A new product for :

    • Beginners looking to discover the KAPLA universe 
    • KAPLA fans interested in a different aproach to a well-known activity
    • Travellers who want to bring back a piece of France
    • Eiffel Tower lovers, architects and design enthusiasts


    Build a 69cm high Eiffel Tower using 105 KAPLA planks and a detailed instructions booklet.



    • 1 detailed instructions & information booklet (4 languages)
    • 1 exclusive tricoloured plank
    • 4 planks marked « KAPLA »
    • 100 natural planks